Black Iris Studio's Tattoo Artist, Jacqueline Beach, specializes in ALL--Custom work, including portraits, tribal, floral, script, cover-ups, reworks and large body pieces.  We pride ourselves on creating original artwork for every client or taking that old tattoo you just don't like and making it your favorite.

Call:  906-553-5199 for an Appointment
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Training and Licensing

We are a licensed facility (Michigan Body Art Facility 298), and all of our staff members are certified yearly in OSHA approved BBP (blood borne pathogen) PDTT (prevention of disease transmission in tattooing) training.  This training is through the Alliance of Professional Tattooists.  Our lead tattoo artist, Jacqueline Beach is also one of the trainers for the APT.  

How to get a tattoo by us!

Jacqueline works on an appointment only basis.  The best way to talk with her is to schedule an appointment.  When she is with another client the studio will be closed to walk-ins.  This allows Jacqueline to concentrate on the client in front of her and she can give you her full attention.

She typically likes to do a consult appointment (which is free) where you can sit down and discuss the scope of your project -- subject matter, placement, detail, style, budget, time-frame.

Once we produce a drawing for you, and you are ready we set you up to be tattooed in the comfort of her private studio.

How We Price Tattoos

***Our minimum charge is $80. 
***Usually we will ask you your budget first and fit your project to your price-range. 
***Once we have produced a drawing we will give you a final quote. 
***All final prices include your draw-time (except in the case of large work like sleeves or back pieces that require a minimal draw-fee) all your aftercare as well as a touch-up if it is necessary.  Jacqueline guarantees her work for life.


  • We utilize a high-tech hydrogel bandage that allows your skin to heal but you can also see the tattoo as the bandage is clear.
  • It is removed with simple soap and water.  You can wear the bandage for up to 24 hours and we encourage you to sleep in it your first night.
  • Once you have washed the bandage off you will use small amounts of  Bacitracin (we will provide you with all you will need for healing)  for the first couple of days.  Only use a small amount of ointment, enough to rub into the skin like lotion.
  • Switch to a lotion when the tattoo gets dry and flaky and begins to heal.
  • Don't pick at or scratch your tattoo while it's healing.  Keep it out of the sun and out of pools, hot tubs etc... for at least two weeks.
  • After it's healed use sunblock.

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